+ My LCD TV set is dead. Could it be the fuse?

+ My TV does not show a picture but does have sound. What will it cost to repair?

+ My DSTV only gives a message "Searching for signal" What is this?

+ I have HD PVR & Xtraview DSTV but see the same program on both TVs. What can I do?

+ My DSTV displays some channels but not others. Why is this?

+ My HD PVR shows message "Check setup box" What can I do?

+ My Xtra View decoder shows a message"Waiting for communication" What does this mean?

+ My SD PVR / Dualview decoder shows message "E38 Program Map Table not available" What causes this?

+ What is a HD PVR Decoder used for?

+ Can I install my own DSTV satellite dish?

+ Can I have multipleTV's in different rooms connected to my DSTV?

+ What is a LNB, and what is it used for?

+ Do you guarantee your work?

+ What is a LCD TV Screen?

+ What is a Plasma TV?

+ How does an amplifier work?

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